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Updated on 14th of June 2024


Alex reviews volume 8 "Game Over the future begins" of the Gems of Dominion by Stan Wolf

In this video I review volume 8 of the book series "The Gems of Dominion" by Stan Wolf aka as Wolfgang Stadler. In volume 8 Stan Wolf visits the Bucegi Mountains in Romania, where apparently there are also time anomalies and a base. In the base there is supposed to be a digital library that has stored the entire history of the Earth. In the video I also show an excerpt from an interview I did with Wolfgang Stadler in 2018.

Books 1 and 2 of the Gems of Dominion are available in English:
Book 1 can be bought here: The Gems of Dominion Part 1, Mysterious Mount Untersberg by Stan Wolf
Book 2 can be bought here: The Gems of Dominion Part 2, the Passageways through Time by Stan Wolf
Book 8 can be bought here (German): The Gems of Dominion Part 8 by Stan Wolf

More book reviews from the Gems of Dominion here: Dr. Hans Kammler


Alex reviews the book "Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge" by Dr. Greer

In this video I review the book by Dr. Steven Greer, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge. Dr. Greer writes in his book how he was visited by ETs when he was 18 years old. He first worked as a ER doctor and then decided to return to ufology in 1990.

The book by Dr. Steven Greer can be bought here: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge by Dr. Steven Greer


Alex reviews the book "Beyond the light barrier" by Elizabeth Klarer

In this video I review the book "Beyond the Light Barrier" by Elizabeth Klarer. Elizabeth Klarer had an intimate relationship with Akon, a Nordic extraterrestrial from Proxima Centauri. She gave birth to a child with him and stayed on Meton, Akon's home planet, for over 4 months. I can only recommend this book to everyone. One day Klarer's story will be turned into a movie!

The book can be bought here: Beyond the Light Barrier by Elizabeth Klarer


Alex and Rita talk about Cathy O'Brien and MK Ultra

In this video I talk with my mother on the subject of pedophilia, mind control and Cathy O'Brien. We talk about the books Tranceformation of America and Access Denied written by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien. In essence many top level politicians are satanic pedophiles. Cathy was an MK Ultra sex slave and in her first 30 years of her life, she was abused, tortured and raped over and over again. At age 30 mk ultra sex slaves are ritually sacrificed by the elites, this is where Mark Phillips saved her and her daughter and the farm animals.

The book can be bought here: The Tranceformation of America by Cathy O'Brien


Alex reviews the book "Patriots not Welcome" by Brittany Sellner

In this video I review the book by Brittany Sellner. She writes about her political activism and Generation Identity with Martin Sellner.

The English version of the book can be bought here: Patriots not Welcome by Brittany Selner


Alex reviews “Transylvanian Sunrise” from Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

In this video I review the book Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar. In this book a young gifted child is trained by the Romanian Intelligence Service "Department Zero". After a satellite radar inspection is done of the Bucegi Mountains, a base was detected inside the Bucegi Mountains near the Romanian Sphinx. The base was made for giants.

The book can be bought here: Transylvanian Sunrise Part 1 by Radu Cinamar


Book collection and library

A very good book on the subject of the hollow earth theory is the book by Marshall B. Gardner: "A Journey to Earth's Interior" . It can be bought on Amazon or read for free online at: Sacred Texts Archive ~ A Journey to the Earth's Interior by Marshall B. Gardner.
The book gives a good overview of the evidence that supports a the hollow Earth theory. From the planetary formation, ie. their formation phase from planetary nebula, to the hollow worlds that they are today. It is the belief of the webmaster after long researching on this subject that the Earth might be a hollow body. The crust of the earth is about 800 km thick and there are two openings from 800 km to 1200 km in diameter at the north and south pole.

Jan van Helsing's book "The Inner World" is a very good book about the many myths and legends of the inner world of Agartha. Jan writes, how someone contacted him and told him many stories of the inner world. This man says that the Earth is hollow and that the Inner World Agarthians have lived in peace for thousands of years. The Imperial Germans built a colony in Agartha during the war, on the condition that they were not allowed to wage a war of aggression. In Agartha there are apparently 7 kingdoms and a race of giants (the story of Olaf Jansen). The Agarthians also want to get in touch with mankind and want to find a peaceful solution to our problems. They are allied with the Federation of Light and believe in God. If you want to buy the book click on the picture to open the online store.

Jan Van Helsing's book "Enterprise Aldebaran" is about the nordic aliens from Aldebaran. Jan writes about the family Feistle on how they were in medial contact with the Aldebaranians and that the Aldebaranians are here to help us with the dimensional jump into the new Golden Age. The Aldebaranians say that they come from the star Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation and that they have common ancestors with the Aryans from planet Earth. They are here to help us when the consciousness of humanity has increased enough. The book also describes the history of the SS E-IV development center and the origins of the Vril and Thule societies. The transcripts of the medial messages of the Vril women, about the Vril V7 Odin flight to Aldebaran are very interesting to read. To open the store, click on the image.

Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge by Dr. Steven Greer gives the story and the struggle of Dr. Greer and his companions to make the truth known about the existence of extraterrestrials. Dr. Greer writes how in his younger years he had contact with real aliens and how he made contact with them through meditation. He writes how he is taken into a spaceship and that the aliens he come in contact with are peaceful and want to be in open contact with us humans. The shadow government does everything to silence Dr. Greer, he is attacked by two black ops soldiers with a radiation weapon. He and his partner get skin cancer from these attacks. Dr. Greer survives this attack, but unfortunately his comrade-in-arms does not. I have read this book twice and it is a must read for anyone who wants to know the truth about the benevolent aliens.

Hitler's Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War (English Edition). This book from Henry Stevens is a well-researched book on the topic of German flying saucers. He describes in this book that there were two parallel projects on this topic and technology, one project was trying to develop conventional flight gyros, these were saucer type round winged aircraft that tried to uplift the aircraft by means of conventional engines and rotors below the craft, the second project was trying to develop anti-gravity technology, to literary create anti-gravity spacecrafts! I find the books by Henry Stevens very well researched and well written! I suggest to anybody who is interested in this subject, to read his books on the subject! To buy the book, click on the image, the store will open automatically.

Henry Stevens: Hitler's suppressed and still-secret weapons, science and technology. Now we know what spooked the Allies in the closing months of the war and why they were in such a panic to win quickly. The Allies assembled intelligence reports of supermetals, electric guns, and ray weapons able to stop the engines of Allied aircraft in addition to their worst fears of x-ray and laser weaponry. Then there were the bombs. Contained in this book are reports of structured bombs of nipolit, N-stoff bombs, cold bombs, oxygen bombs which destroyed all life, atomic bombs and rumors of the mysterious molecular bomb. The true history of the fuel-air bomb is revealed by our own military. There is even a probability that the SS black alchemists of the 3rd Reich were experimenting with red mercury bomb technology. This book documents very large mystery rockets under development in Germany, far beyond the V-2. Technological history is also examined. Guess who invented the computer, magnetic tape and computer programs? Click on the image to open the store!

World War 2 expert Stevens takes us through the final twists and turns of the fall of the Third Reich and the fate of its secret bases, technology and vast U-Boat fleet. Stevens reveals secret submarine bases in Greenland and a still-hidden U-Boat base in the Canary Islands. Stevens looks at the escape of Nazis to South America, then turns to the Haunebu flying disk. He discusses Hans Kammler and the last battalion with its saucer technology—derived from the work of Nikola Tesla—and the secret submarine fleet that continued after the official end of the war. Chapters include: German Secret Bases; Norway; Greenland; The Last Battalion; Fuerteventura; Electric Schauberger; South America and Otto Skorzeny; The Third Power; Molecular Bomb; Fantastic U-Boats; Like Water-Propulsion Only Better?; Tesla's Self-Acting Engine, Part One; U-530; Tesla's Self-Acting Engine.

Arthur Kemp writes in this big volume on how culture is a function of its people or more specifically from its race or ethnicity. This vast volume tells the story of the white or caucasian race spanning thousands of years! He writes that the Babylonian, the Ancient Egyptian, the Ancient Greek Empire, the Tocharian Empire in China and even the Roman Empire were all the result of the Aryan race. And they all fell because of racial dissolution and not because they were conquered! It is comparable to all the white or European countries today. We are being overflooded with mass non-white immigration and this will eventually lead to the downfall of the European cultures and that worldwide. This is a very informative volume and I highly recommend it! You can open the online shop by clicking on the image above!

"Adventures beyond the body" by William Buhlman gives a step by step guide to inducing out of body experiences. William Buhlman mentions parts of his dream diary and describes how he was outside of his body and saw his father who looked much younger than just before he died in real life. The father tells William that everything will be fine, and that everyone who leaves their physical body looks young in the astral world, around 21 years old. William Buhlman describes how he was outside of his body and then experienced past lives, and he saw that he was a tank commander alongside the Germans during World War 2. He was killed in a german tank at Stalingrad. This book has helped me a lot to induce out of body experiences and I can only advise everyone who wants to do astral travel to read this book!

Invisible Worlds written by Armin Risi describes the multidimensional cosmos or multiverse according to the vedic scriptures. Armin Risi writes how the Vedic Universe is structured. That there are at least 14 different vibrational-based dimensions and that living beings exist on each level. There are beings dedicated to God and beings that have turned away from God. One can explore this multiverse by means of astral travel. He writes that within the 7 dark dimensions, there exists a group of beings who fight against God. He also describes the struggle between light and darkness. Armin Risi shows some original vedic texts and then gives the German translation, yet many of the Vedic writings are not fully translatable because they can have multiple meanings in Sanskrit. Click on the image to buy the book.

God and the Gods by Armin Risi is the first case book by Risi on the subject of invisible worlds. Armin Risi has studied the Vedas for over 20 years and explains in his book the existence of other vibrational planes. He tries to clarify the Vedic cosmogenesis with examples. He writes about the law of karma and free will, that both are valid at the same time. That one can choose to fulfill one's destiny or not. But that you can still build up karma, or as in the Bible, he who sows reaps. He writes about the light facing devas or demigods and light averted asuras. The asuras do not want to serve God and serve only themselves. Whereas the devas are turned towards God and want universal peace.

F. W. Sumner describes in this book the coming Golden Age. This book that was written in the 1960s is highly current. The coming Aquarian Age, which will officially begin on December 21, 2020, will bring drastic but good changes to the power structures of Earth. We all know that the satanic forces will do everything to prevent a mass awakening. F.W.Sumner says that no one can prevent the plan of salvation of Christ. The angels and archangels are all ready for the coming global turning and Judgment of God. He says that more and more people will awaken and proclaim the truth. A very interesting book describing Satan's control of Earth and that this will all change when Jesus returns!

Eileen Campbell and J.H. Brennan have written this encyclopedia of the New Age movement. This book is a kind of reference book about astral travel, tarot cards, spirit, soul, New Golden Age, prophecies, Edgar Cayce, UFOs, aliens, spiritual healers, magic and much more! I have owned this book since I graduated from high school and I really enjoyed reading it at the time. I gave a lecture about this book in my school, about the myths and legends of the New Age. My lecture was received very critically and I received verbal attacks even from my teacher. I was not awakened then, but found this book very informative and well written! A very informative book on various subjects and a great book to have as a reference or case book on the subject.

Torn Chains Die Macht aus dem Eis

Under the pseudonym Torn Chaines, Mr. Chaines has written a series of books about the Global Turning and the Third Power. The first book describes how an ex-elite soldier of the Commando Special Forces (KSK), after his military career, pursues his job as a federal agent, but is nevertheless attacked one evening by three migrants. He is a trained elite soldier and defends himself. He almost kills the three migrants. After that, the story develops in such a way that the Third Power appears and brings about the global change. The first three books are on the index and can no longer be bought. At the time I picked up all 6 volumes. They are available online as PDF files. If you search online you can find the books and read them on your Kindl.

Aldebaran Gestrandet auf Terra von Stahl

Under the pseudonym Heirich von Stahl, Heinrich writes in over 6 volumes the story of the Intergalactic Empire of Sargon the Third. It is a work of fiction that nevertheless mixes many elements of truth into an incredible story of galactic proportions. Huge kilometer long space cruisers fly in huge formations against the enemy, the Reptilians. Heinrich von Stahl himself states that he has studied physics and worked in Area 51. He says he mixed true physics and true facts with fiction. The book series is unfortunately out of print but can be downloaded online. A very entertaining science fiction book series with many hidden truths and facts!

In this book, the writings and letters of the High Priestess Sajaha from ancient Babylon are republished. The writings are about the coming of the hero, the so-called Third Sargon. The Third Sargon would eradicate the seed of evil, shake everything with one blow and judge the world. King Nebuchadnezzar asks Sajaha when all this will happen, and she answers that it will be in a distant future. The prophecy of Third Sargon is so accurate that we can recognize our own present world in it. In one of the scriptures Sajaha tells about a king who will rise and live 6 years in peace and 6 years in war. His name will be hope and he will be attacked from all sides.

In this book Silvana Heißenberg writes about her career at RTL as a presenter and model. When she criticizes the migrant policy of Angela Merkel and Soros, her career is ruined and destroyed. She writes in her book that the migrant crime rate has increased dramatically since 2015. The number of rapes and gang rapes has increased dramatically and our politicians are silent about it. Only the AfD and right-wing parties are addressing this issue. All mainstream parties ignore these hard facts. The mainstream politicians practice all high treason against the German people! One day she says, all these politicians will be judged before a people's court and be deprived of power! You can still buy this book online! Click to open the store.

In this book, Thomas Goodrich and Gerhard Ausmeier write about the horrific war crimes and mass rapes German women and men endured during and after World War II. Through terror bombings, millions of German women and men were burned alive. Then the Red Hordes came and raped millions of German women and girls. After the occupation, millions of German prisoners of war were deliberately starved in the Rhine meadow camps. After the war, the food chain was completely destroyed. The Americans as well as the Russians killed millions of German civilians by an induced starvation. Over 29 million Germans were killed in that time in the most horrific way. These were warcrimes and genocide.

In this book Victor Malarek writes about the East European trafficking of women and sex trafficking. Every year in Europe alone, hundreds of thousands of Eastern European women are stolen, raped and made into sex slaves. These women are then sold worldwide. Some of these women get a price of 100'000 Euros. The business with the women goes every year into the billions of US dollars and is the third most profitable illegal business beside the sales of drugs and illegal weapons. Victor Malarek accurately describes the hell that many of these women go through once they are enslaved. If they disobey and don’t allow themselves to be raped, these women are simply executed. A very horrific, but also very informative book!

In this book Gerard Menuhin writes about who really manipulates mankind for centuries to start wars over and over again. He names the slavemasters of the politicians and mass media. The Zionists he mentions are the people who want to enslave humanity forever. Although this worldwide conspiracy is a jewish conspiracy, not all Jews are involved in these wars against the goyim. Jesus Christ will judge everyone, and according to what we have done we will be held accountable. Menuhin writes about the occult or hidden history of the Pharisees who have been plunging the world into wars, famines and economic crisis for centuries. These Jewish elite serve Satan and want to destroy the world.

Herve Ryssen writes in his book "The Jewish Mafia" about the machinations of the Jewish Mafia or Kosher Nostra. The Kosher Nostra is the most feared and dangerous mafia in the world! They deal in drugs, children, women, illegal weapons, organ trafficking and all other illegal trade goods that yield profit. Many of the wanted criminals in the USA and other countries of this world are in Israel and got there asylum, because they are Jewish. The other mafias are all afraid of Kosher Nostra because it knows no honor. They torture and kill their enemies in a horrific way. No one knows about the existence of the Jewish Mafia, because their criminal brethren who control Hollywood had never produced a movie or series about the Jewish Mafia. They are all loyal to each other and protect each other.

Dr. David Duke writes in his book "Jewish Supremacism" about how much the Zionists hate the other races. Especially the White or Aryan race they hate the most. The Zionists control all the peoples of the world through the control of Hollywood and the mass media. They know how important it is to educate children and not to teach anything about their criminal activities. They are masters of lying and spreading lies through their monopoly of control in Hollywood and the TV networks. Dr. David Duke is a true patriot and Christian and ruthlessly exposes the criminal machinations of Israel. He points out who it really is that keeps leading the world to catastrophy after catastrophy. He wants the whole truth about the Zionists and their handlers to become public knowledge. Dr. David Duke is active to this day on his website.

Miguel Serrano writes in his book “Hitler’s UFO Army against the New World Order” the history of the Imperial Germans. He explains that Adolf Hitler knew that he was going to lose Germany to the Allies and Soviets, and that he prepared by creating secret bases all around the world with his Haunebu UFOs, Andromeda Devices and his very advanced submarines. He explains that Hitler relocated hundreds of thousands of Waffen SS troops to these bases of which the most known one is Base 211 in the South Pole. He also writes that Hitler’s UFO Army will intervene in the near future to initiate the global change or global turning, together with the last incarnation of Vishnu or God. This leader would lead the UFO Army in the last battle against the forces of darkness and usher in the New Golden Age of peace and freedom! If you want to buy the book, click on the image, the website of the 55 club will then open automatically.

Adolf Hitler, the last Avatar is a book written by Miguel Serrano, an intellectual who lived in Chile and who knew the true history of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, and World War 2. He wrote several books concerning the mythology of Hyperborea and many other subjects. In this book “the last Avatar” Miguel Serrano describes Adolf Hitler as one of the last incarnations of the Godhead, before the last incarnation of the Godhead ushers in the New Golden Age of peace and freedom. He describes that Adolf Hitler had this very powerful aura and energy, and that when he held speeches the people hearing him were captivated or even enchanted by him. After finding out the truth about the Third Reich and World War 2 and Adolf Hitler, you might see this a very high possibility that Adolf Hitler was truly a divine being, sent by God, to fight Satan in all its forms! If you want to buy the book, you just have to click on the image, the website of the 55 Club will open automatically.

The Bad War written by M.S. King is a revisionist book about World War 1 and World War 2. M.S. King gives a very well researched account on the true history of WW1 and WW2. He describes in detail how horrific the situation was for the Germans during the Weimar Republic and describes in detail the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. If you want to know the true reasons behind the causes of World War 2 then I suggest you download this book and read it on your Kindle. It is a very well researched book. I bought this book back in 2015 where you could still buy it on Amazon. Sadly, Amazon has censored all revisionists books from its website. The book can still be downloaded for free online though! Click on the image, to open the website.

The true history of the 12 Aryan tribes of Israel is a detailed book on the origins of the 12 Aryan tribes of Israel. It gives a detailed account on what truly happened in the Bible of the Old Testament. That the race that created nearly all high cultures in the world are from white or Aryan origin. This book is a great and very well researched book, that explains that the Aryan peoples all across the world originated from the middle east and spread from there all across the world. The prophecies of the Old Testament are fulfilled when the 12 tribes of Israel scatter all across the world. The pharisees or todays Jews, have manipulated history to make everybody believe that they are the 12 tribes of Israel. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in the truth about the origins and history of the 12 Aryan tribes of Israel! The PDF version of this book can be downloaded here in German! The 12 Tribes of Israel (German, right click and choose save as)

If you want to read it in English, please click on the image to open the website!

In his book "Mein Kampf" Adolf Hitler describes his life as a young man in Vienna. He had not completed any trade or studies and therefore did not get a job. At the outbreak of World War I, he volunteered for the front and was awarded the Knight's Cross for bravery and courage. In the Weimar Republic under the Versailles Treaty, millions of Germans were unemployed. Here Hitler began to give speeches and shortly thereafter he founded the German Workers Party. Which was then renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party. He also writes about the Jewish elite who controlled the banking and politicians then as now. If you want to buy the book click on the picture and the Schelm Verlag will open automatically.

The Bible according to the translation of Martin Luther is a book of God's revelation. In the Old Testament, the cosmogenesis is addressed with the Father and Adam and Eve. After the Fall, Adam and Eve were banished from Paradise. In the Old Testament, the history of the 12 tribes of Israel is presented. These 12 tribes, according to the prophecies, were to spread in all directions. In the OT is written about the coming of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament, the teachings and life of Jesus are described. The Bible is a very important book for opening the mind to the healing powers of Jesus. The Bible must be studied because some things make sense only after the mental and spiritual awakening. The Bible states that Jesus Christ will return some day to judge the Earth.