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Alex on the Templar Revelations (German)

In this video I talk about the Templar revelations from The goddess Ishtar appeared to the knights templar Roderich and Emmerant in 1236 in Carthage and told the two knights to travel to Germany to found the new city of Berlin. This city would play a very important role in the coming global turning. Hitler had Tempelhof expanded at that time because he also knew about the Templar Revelations. The coming kingdom of light on Earth will be built in the land of the midnight mountain or Germany, after the Day of Judgment and after the short but fierce Third World War. Germany will survive this dark chapter in history and after that Germany will become a new Kaiser Reich.


Alex about the Roderich Reports (German)

In this video I read the Roderich reports. The goddess Ishtar appeared to the Knights Templar Roderich and Emmerant in 1236 in Carthage. She conveyed a message from God that the knights should found a new city in Germany. This city was Berlin. The new Kingdom of Light will be founded in Germany, after the global turning and the Day of Judgment. The Roderich reports contain a lot of useful information on how to behave in the End Times.


Alex on the Crusades (German)

The Crusades were defensive wars, not wars of aggression. They were a reaction to the conquering campaigns of the Muslims. In comparison, there were 7 Crusades to liberate the Holy Land, while the Muslims fought over 10,000 Jihad battles in 1400 years to spread Islam with the sword. It is estimated that 150,000 people died in the Crusades, while 150 million people died in the Muslim Jihad. It is necessary to make a difference between the wars created by the Zionists, like all the wars of aggression of the USA in the last 100 years, and the Christian wars that served the liberation of the Holy Land. The Zionists have been waging war through deception for thousands of years, using the Muslims over and over again to destroy the Christian lands. The conquest of southern Spain and southern Italy made the native population darker-skinned through racial mixing. The ancestors of the Zionists helped the Muslims in Spain to kill the Christians. Today the Zionists are doing the same thing, the Zionist George Soros is funneling millions of Muslim men into Europe through his NGOs to destabilize Europe and start a civil war. I must say, however, that most terrorist attacks like 911 are staged by the Mossad to justify the wars in the Middle East such that Israel can grow to become greater Israel.


Alex on the Teutonic Order (German)

The Teutonic Order has its roots in the time of the Third Crusade. The Third Crusade was aimed at liberating Jerusalem from the Muslims. Saladin had succeeded in recapturing Jerusalem from the Christians. The three largest knightly orders of Christendom were the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Order and the Knights of St. John.

Website of the Teutonic Order:
The Teutonic Order



The Templar Revelations date from 1236 (Carthage) and 1238 (Berlin, then Tempelhof). The first Templar revelation, also called "1st Roderich Report", was written down in German, the second one in French. The full names of the recipients of the revelation, the knights Roderich and Emmerant, are known, but are not published with regard to still living descendants, so that "raids" on the families are avoided (there have been such in earlier times).

The First Templar Revelation essentially contains references to the coming Kingdom of Light (the "Millennial Kingdom") and instructions to establish the "Northern Capital" - Berlin. The descriptions of the place are not included here, but are in the archives.

The Second Templar Revelation follows indirectly from the first. It is preserved only in fragments.

When we speak of the "Templar Revelations," we are referring to those writings that became common property of the Order. This should be mentioned because there are the extensive revelations to the Templar "section" of the Bayuvarian Commandery (whose commandery covered approximately the territory of present-day Bavaria and eastern Austria), which were not adopted by the Order as a whole. These are the "Isais Revelation" and the other writings of the "Lords of the Black Stone".


1st Templar Revelation (1st Roderich Report)

(In 1235, the knights Roderich and Emmerant were looking for traces of Marcion in the territory of the former Carthage. There they received "The Message of the Goddess").


1.1 That [she, the apparition] was like a structure entirely of light and gold and delicate fabric of shimmering green glass,

1.2 Which there formed the tall figure of a woman, whose translucent body was of pliable slenderness;

1.3 and appeared as a wondrous being, half woman and half girl, which undoubtedly could not be of this world.

1.4 And as now the glittering light went back again, it was as if it formed that female body with all its balling light more firmly and soon to be seen clearly:

1.5 Was she clothed with a long robe entirely of small golden leaves in elongated form;

1.6 Her beautiful face was narrow and pale and altogether wonderful;

1.7 her eyes, hair, and the nails of her fingers had luster and color of brown amber;

1.8 a golden browband held back the quantities of her hair, which was quite long, reaching down to the ground;

1.9 and on top of the browband was a golden crescent moon, the tips of which curved up like horns, and in the midst of it was an equally golden sun.

1.10 Her superhumanly large eyes looked at us, and her lips seemed to glow.

1.11 And she was the most beautiful image a man ever saw.

1.12 And she herself was translucent and not at all human in nature.

1.13 And we were frightened and yet not afraid of her;

1.14 and as her figure became more and more solid and soon no longer translucent, but almost touchable, and close to us, a warmth emanated from her that swelled within us.

1.15 And she took two steps towards us, and her hair flowed around her, and her mouth smiled, and her eyes looked full of kindness.

1.16 All the light in the cave, which must have once been a temple, but came entirely from her.


2.1 But there wer no questions in us, and no one opened his mouth,

2.2 yes, we knew that she was not a she-devil, that yes rather only good must be with her.

2.3 And when then her body became very tangible, she spoke to us,

2.4 and her voice sounded bright and mild; "I called you - without you knowing it.

2.5 you came - without the place being known to you.

2.6 For here and in this night you shall see and know what will one day have its value."

2.7 Now that her words had well broken a spell, I also spoke and asked her who she was.

2.8 And she answered at once, „Isai am I, Ishtar.

2.9 The people who once remembered me here in this place called me Asherah;

2.10 the people of the north, who were your ancestors, [called me] Idun -.

2.11 and so every people gave me the name according to their language."

2.12 But we marveled at her, and she smiled.

2.13 Then the Emmerant said that we were faithful to our Lord Christ, and would never pay homage to any other deity, be it beauty itself.

2.14 Then Ishtar, almost entirely after the manner of a woman, looked and seemed to find this saying of her brother amusing.

2.15 A little shiver trickled through my soul;

2.16 "Well did I hear your prayers to him, the divine brother.

2.17 But he is in his kingdom, and so in himself.

2.18 But I, the divine sister, am now here again - for a little while -;

2.19 For Jahu, Satan, finally defeats the feminine power."

2.20 And Ishtar took three more light steps towards us, and now she was standing very close to us -.

2.21 and that which proceeded from her in indescribable things was of great power and not at all to be described in any way.

2.22 And in her belt was a blue feather, which she now drew forth and held in her right hand.

2.23 And the feather became a dagger; and Ishtar said to us:

2.24 "Just as the gentle feather turns into a dagger in a moment, so the deity of love will turn into the deity of war.

2.25 When the moment will have come to strike Satan."


3.1 Ishtar now turned the dagger in her dainty hand, and immediately the small blue feather came out of it again, which she returned to her amber-gold belt; and then she continued speaking:

3.2 "You and yours are the most searching among the people of this world.

3.3 Therefore you shall find.

3.4 So now, first of all, I instruct you to seek well, not far from this place, an ancient stone that bears the mark of my deity

3.5 And in addition the sign of the greeting hand.

3.6 So under this stone you will find whatever you have come to seek;

3.7 And this will tell you, once again, what is about to be my message to you -.

3.8 and will so then give it to you again from the legacy of the divine brother, which in truth is different from what you think you know so far, in so many things."(2)

(2) The true gospel of Christ.


4.1 She now went to the stone stump of a cracked pedestal to sit on it in a seated position,

4.2 and parts of her amber hair spread out in waves on the ground as she did so; and where it thus touched the ground, its rock began to shine, so that it became quite bright all around.

4.3 At a sign which the goddess gave us with one hand, we also settled down to listen to the words which she continued to speak:

4.4 "Now what above all you should know and remember is this:

4.5 Once by me and in me the Deity determined the people of Babil(3),

4.6 Who were excellent and in clarity of being above all of that time, to establish the kingdom of truth.

4.7 They also built well in it.

4.8 And Nebokadarsur(4) at last even destroyed Yahu's infernal shrine(5).

4.8 And yet the great city, which should have become the center of the world earth and the light for all nations, could not prevail in the end.

4.9 Still less then did the new city succeed, in whose ruins you now see me.

4.11 This gave why HE, the divine brother to whom you pray, appointed another people in turn to accomplish the great work -.

4.12 That people most similar to that of Babil; the people of the Germans, which includes all those Franks who have since adopted another language and therefore, erroneously, see themselves as a separate people.

4.13 And you shall found a new city with your faithful community, whose place I will designate precisely for you.

4.14 This new city of yours shall be the northern capital of the empire, while it shall also have a southern one, which is already [Vienna] - and this so that if one center goes down, the designated one will never go out again, but it will always have a second one.

4.15 For that new kingdom will be the last torch of the divine light, which is called to illuminate all the world.

4.16 And for this the time will have come when the constellation of the water jar will come to stand over the earth of the world -.

4.17 With the magic water of life that can make the hellfire of Yahu go out forever.

4.18 For where perhaps battle will become necessary, the Godhead will be with the weapons of that new kingdom of light, bringing victory over enemies no matter how many.

4.19 Yet the Deity can only lend the powers to light aims and forces, but could not, even if it wished, wield the weapons of darkness,

4.20 Wherefore the coming new kingdom of light, which is commanded by the divine Brother, may take the sword in the light of truth alone.

4.21 But I will be with the heirs of my Babil - forever."

4.22 Now the goddess rose again from the seat, strode toward the entrance of the cave, and said, "So now I will describe and designate to you precisely that place where you shall secretly build a temple [temple court] and there lay down all your knowledge; this which I have just told you, and many things which you shall yet hear and find.

4.23 Above the temple then see to it that the new city [Berlin] be built!"

(3) Babylon (4) Nebuchadnezzar II (5) the Ark of the Covenant.


2nd Templar Revelation (fragment)


1.1 (beginning missing) the height of the land, on the high point of victory, from the hands of the Savior and the mighty, from the people of the destined, from the rays of the Godhead, light through the darkness which is shattered by light, song of songs of faithfulness, of truth, of powerful deeds, rise of the new, of the Holy Kingdom destined there, boiling point of righteousness, commemoration of the heroes in strife, commemoration of the wise, commemoration of the martyrs, sunrise over the world.

1.2 Out of the blood of enemies, out of the wailing of the wicked, out of the ashes of burned strongholds of the wicked; out of broken time, out of abandoned grounds, out of the dust of the crushed, out of the lamentation of the lost, out of the cast down darkness, over all shines forth what is to come.

1.3 Mighty the (first) city. Mighty the (second) city. Mighty the (third) city. Linked to invincibility itself, people of noble blood, people above others, first people; brightly winning, high ruling, determining the events, directing the world.

1.4 Truly, the lowly are cast down, the high are lifted up.

1.5 That which is high is pure; that which is impure is low. In the dark time the impure is predominant, the low is above the high, the worthless is above the valuable, the ignorant is above the knowledgeable, the godless is above the godly.

1.6 But as the light rises, the lowly fall; and those who were below, the pure, will stand high above the fallen impure.

1.7 And the sword of righteousness will rage among the unrighteous, will not hear their speech, will not accept coin nor false oaths of the false; the seed of the wicked will be destroyed, it will not arise, will not find toleration, will remain without power, in which it was rich before. But those who had been poor in it will possess the power.

1.8 Thus Carthage's protector prophesies to you, thus the knower gives you to know that you watch when the new light shines across the sky. (...)

(a sheet with maybe five or six verses is missing here)


2.1 When the sources of light open and the waters of clarity pour over the people, when the young seed of the stream of light rises in the being of the pure, when the lowly are cast down and the high are exalted, then the new kingdom will flourish.

2.2 Then the princes of the countries of the high people will gather together in a place that has been predetermined since eternity to elect the first one, to greet the Savior and to pay homage to him; for he will lead the new kingdom.

2.3 Mark, ye who are chosen to know, and lay down for the keeping in time to come: a place is, preordained from eternity and lying under Greenland's ray, standing opposite Middle Kingdom's first gate, receiving God's (IL's) highest light, a place under whose sky purest wisdom comes to the pure.

2.4 Mark you who are chosen to know the place and hold fast of it for the heroes who will fulfill the inheritance; for that place is situated in the middle of the rays of the three mighty cities of the high nation. Be knowledgeable, and you will know it: the first mighty city is the southern capital of the empire, which is called Vienna; the second mighty city is the nascent northern capital of the empire, which you found (Berlin); the third mighty city is the western capital of the empire, which is called Paris.

2.5 When the time has come, there will be a special one in the means of radiation of the three capitals (capitals); for divine light will shine down in abundance over the place that designates you.

2.6 This then will give that the elect of the people dwelling there, which constitutes all the lands of the Germans and Franks and their brother nations, will seek out the special place to forge the mighty new kingdom just there.

2.7 And there will be and appear things formed by Greenland's ray, telling of the fate of the dark times and of the liberating exploits, of the way into the light and of a thousand-year future. (about two verses must still have been at this point, judging by the size of the missing leaf remnant).


3.1 When the princes of the countries of the high people will have decided in that certain place, enlightened by the highest light, then the new kingdom's master people will take care of the surrounding nations; because those are poorer and cannot mature by their own strength. Therefore, the chosen ones will have to take care of all of them and supervise all the surrounding countries and peoples; and they will also have to oversee the whole world.

3.2 Thus the wise rule of the high kingdom will carry happiness and peace and justice to all peoples, and to all parts of the earth and beyond. For as the princes of the empire submit to the supreme lord, and he submits to the throne of the Godhead in heaven, and as the high lordly people accept the leadership of their princes, so the other peoples will submit to the people of the empire and be instructed and accept regency for the good of all-being.

3.3 But in the world that still lies outside the borders of the kingdom, wickedness will have to be subdued, the lowly will be uprooted like the weeds in the field that oppress the good grain. What is false must be weeded out of the fields of the world and burned in the purifying fire.

3.4 There will come a time of renewed struggle, which many will wage. And the wicked shall create trouble in many parts of the world. Also these will seek to cast strife into the realm. But the fire will seize these arges and devour them terribly.

3.5 The new kingdom will thus be there, but pure peace will not yet be there, the dark poisons will not yet be completely dissolved. But the word of knowledge will be, a glorious sword that slays all wickedness.

3.6 When at midnight the brightness is clenched and shines beautifully over the earth and shines on the holy place, then heralds perfection (...)

(end of the fragment)


Roderich Proverbs

Roderic Saying No. 10 1 Greenland's queen, Il's high messenger, bearer of the light of our Lord, Ishtar the wonderful and beautiful, came to me and spoke, instructing and advising of all things.

2 Security people seek behind walls and bulwarks. But true security is behind the ramparts of knowledge and certainty strong wall.

3 Security people seek with other people, in the protection of kings, at the side of loved ones. Highest security, however, is in leaning on God; this security radiates from one to the other.

4 People often seek strength through various exercises. But true strength comes from true faith. The power of faith is like a couch that draws God's power into the believer and makes everything possible for him.

5 Men worry about the welfare of their days; anxiously many look ahead. Yet God's ray provides what you need anyway. By chance it comes to you by God's providence every day. Only he who wants to reap beyond what he needs may worry.

6 God provides for the necessities - for the abundance men may provide themselves, if they want it.

7 He who knows darkness has no reason to fear it. For darkness is always broken through prayers to the light.

8 But to you [the Templars] I say, Go out to meet even the powers of darkness, do not shrink from conquering them. He who is of light spirit may walk in the midst of the fires of hell without harm. This I say to you who are knowing and brave - do not say it for all men on Earth.

9 And the demons you shall not fear. By their nature they are neither evil nor good, for such measures they know not. He who is of good vibration of spirit will find the same in demons who meet him; but he who has drawn darkness into himself reflects such to demons also and makes them fearful.

10 On earth the powers of darkness are strong. That is why the devils come from the other world to cavort and have an effect. An armor of light you shall therefore create for yourselves. Through the power of faith in God and the light. The women and girls put it on by their hair long swinging strings; but the men by the will to the light.

11 In the spiritual wedding between man and woman, then, both this marries itself, to all-embracing light armor.

12 You must pay attention to the images of your thoughts. For images form all your thoughts, and these see the beings of the hereafter exactly - the bad as well as the good. And what your thoughts form in images and thus send to Greenland, accordingly the spirits come to you.

13 Therefore, evil thoughts attract dark spirits, and good thoughts summon light beings of the hereafter.

14 Never forget that the great war is raging everywhere between the light and the darkness. Everyone takes part in this battle - knowing or unknowing, on the side of the light or on the side of the darkness, or even just as an unsuspecting tool in the midst of it all.

15 Now what is happening to you, the people of the Germans, the heirs of Carthage, Assyria and Babylon, is also happening to me, Ishtar, who am your friend, sent from the kingdom of Ilu by the Lord. All the valleys and ravines of fortune I pass through with my people, and likewise all the heights and exultations.

16 Whatever happens on Earth - will be decided on the battlefields of the hereafter. As the Babylonian heroes were defeated even on Earth against superior numbers, so they were victorious on the Walstatt in Greenland. And the victory ray of the heroes gave birth to a new empire and in it the Carthaginians. These also succumbed to a superior number after heroic fight in the earthly world on this side. But on the other side, on the battlefields of Greenland, they remained victorious. And their ray of victory again begat heroic spirit on the Earth world, in the German country. Also this empire will be defeated in heroic fight against the superior number on earth, but will be victorious in Greenland.

17 And this be taught you concerning the great event of the battle between light and darkness for the Earth world: over six thousand years it will be waged by three empires in six [?] great wars.

19 The First Empire was that of Babilu and Assur. Four great wars it had to lead in this world - and succumb at the end there here. Four large wars however at the same time in the hereafter - and there the first kingdom won. So it gathered a great army over there, beyond in Greenland.

20 The Second Empire was that of Kathadasht (Carthage). Three large wars it had to lead on earth, and there here to lose. Three large wars it led however at the same time victoriously in the hereafter. Thus it accumulated large armed forces there.

21 The third empire will be that of the Germans. Two great wars it will have to fight in this world, and here it will be defeated. Two large wars however also it will lead at the same time in the hereafter, and thereby win on Greenland battlefields. Thus also the Third Reich will gather mighty armed forces in the hereafter, when the time will have come.

22 All this will have happened when ripe the water jar opens above the earth [beginning of the water jar/water man age];

23 And then in Greenland the three armies of the three kingdoms on the other side will unite into one mighty army. And it will line up for the victorious final battle against the powers of darkness.

24 There will then be a new Sargon, who will lead the army of the three kingdoms in Greenland to victory, and after that he will appear on earth.

25 So listen and have learned for all yours: Every war, which belongs to the struggle of the mighty powers, is waged simultaneously in two worlds: On this side of the earth world - and on the other side, in Greenland's realms. Not the victory here on earth is the important and finally decisive one, but it is decisive who wins the victory in the hereafter; because to him belongs also the final victory on Earth.

26 Remember, therefore, that every fallen hero here ascends from the earth into the light and becomes a fighter for God in the New Sargon's army. Everyone who suffers darkness there on earth, suffers persecution, torture, murder, rises up over there as a fighter of the light.

27 Know that this earthly existence, which you are passing through, is but a brief interlude of your eternal life.

28 Fear nothing that can befall you on Earth. The powers of wicked darkness may well wrong you and torment you here on earth. But in the end you will be victorious. And there will be no more strife and no more battle. God's gates will open to you to the eternal light.

Roderich Report

II,1 So I will also report this, as given by Ishtar, the godly one: That we men are indeed all fallen angels;

II,2 Fallen angels are we of old in the kingdom of God, from which we went forth.

II,3 But there are many and very numerous worlds in the beyond, like a wide arc, reaching from the darkest darkness to the brightest light.

II,4 And all this is connected by the magical "Green Land", of which it is said: It is not this side and it is not beyond and yet it is there.

II,5 So, when we will have died on earth, we will wake up - with the inner body, which is our real one - in another world.

II,6 And this other world, which is in the hereafter and is still invisible to us today, will then be as visible and real to us as our earthly world is to us today.

II,7 And there will be no age there,

II,8 because only the earthly body ages, but the inner, actually-real, body does not; and so we will all probably find ourselves over there around the twentieth year of life.

II,9 But it may well be that not all will find themselves in one and the same world of the hereafter, but rather one in this and the other in that - precisely according to the soul's nature.

II,10 But in the "Green Land" all meet each other.

II,11 And there also other beings come, such as never were nor ever will be men; good as well as evil, and demons also.

II,12 There we will be able to wander as seekers among all these worlds beyond, all quite tangible as ours is today,

II,13 will be able to go from the hell realms to the light realm of our God, to find the place ourselves that can be ours.

II,14 And all that I speak of now is really and truly there, even though none of us can see it today.

Roderich sayings (incomplete)

1. My goddess spoke to me and said, "The fearful man lashes out, but the brave man has wide measure."

2. My Goddess spoke to me and said, "Those who are loud of word and babbling of speech, they are without action; fear plagues them to hear the murmur of their own emptiness in moments of silence."

3 My goddess spoke to me, saying, "When you walk among the hedges of security, the storms of life sweep over you, and scarcely a breeze touches you. Mild green of the plant surrounds you, no distant horizon frightens your gaze. Your way does not deviate from the path between the hedges. To some this is so good; to some, however, the agony of narrowness. Such a one leaves the sheltering hedges and goes with the wind around the circle of the world to find knowledge."

4th My goddess spoke to me, saying, "Will is thoughtful deed; but not every deed was thoughtful beforehand."

5 My goddess spoke to me and said: "If strife meets you, turn your back on it, if you can; for strife is a thing without sense and understanding, rarely of use, mostly vain delusion. He is a strong one who avoids the quarrel. The weak grasps at it to raise a froth."

6 My goddess spoke to me and said, "No night is so long that it is not followed by a day. No drought is so barren that a wet would not return. No sorrow is so deep that a smile did not wait behind it."

7. my goddess spoke to me and said, "He who always takes the straight path returns to the point of his going out. Thus he completes the circle. No sign is more perfect than he, for he marries together beginning and end for eternity."

8 My Goddess spoke to me and said, "Nothing makes one so strong as knowing oneself."

9 My Goddess spoke to me and said, "As the sound of a bird song comes forth from between the branches of a tree and sweeps across the land beneath the clouds, so is the counsel of silent guidance; invisible as the singing bird in the tangle of branches, yet clearly audible and giving direction. The silent eavesdropper's ear hears the bird's sound and finally the gaze also discovers the apparently hidden singer. Just so it is also with the always existing advisors of the life. He who listens quietly and aligns his senses accordingly never goes wrong. But he who runs along droning and noisy does not hear the voice, shuns the singer, misses the track."

Roderich sayings 2

1 All too many people are clueless. Some think themselves clever and educated, others even wise and knowing, and yet all too many of them are clueless, whether learned or unlearned, of high or low status. They reach for things that can be seen with the earthly eye and heard with the earthly ear. Some create aids for it. But all this does not lead to progress. It is the inner senses that must be cultivated for true knowledge. It is not the accumulated knowledge of the mind that carries us up, but the certainty in the heart, the recognition from the nameless depth of the spirit.

2 "Where two or three or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them," says the Lord Christ. And truly, this is certain. Whom the Spirit calls, he finds access to, he comes to. And the Lord Christ, our God, knows every thought; he is always there.

3 The thoughts are images which are seen in the worlds of the hereafter, in Greenland - even in the Kingdom of God - and even of hell. The images of the thoughts you think, they recognize the powers over there. That is why good thoughts call light spirits, but dark thoughts call demons and devils. And no one asks you, who think your thoughts with you, whether you also want to have the matching good or evil spirits around you. These find themselves!

4 Wherever you are: many otherworldly beings are around you! Good and bad angels and spirits, demons and also spawns of hell. They always lurk around the people of the world. And whoever lets the evil in him become strong, he soon offers space to a devil of hell, who moves into him, to use him - against other people and also against himself. And possibly it pleases the devilish spirit, which you have let into you, to jump with you from the top of a tower into the depth. Your body then shatters on the hardness of the earth, so that you die here; the infernal spirit, however, mockingly goes out again to look for a new victim. Therefore, resist the thoughts of evil so that you do not think them.

5 For all evil comes from evil spirits, if it affects people who are not evil at heart. Every illness is also the work of evil spirits. They disturb the vibration of soul and spirit, which then damages the body and makes it ill. However, all antidotes against diseases are suitable only if they can produce counter-vibration against the vibration of the disturbing spirit, as many medicines are able to do. In many herbs of the meadows and the forest are contained the vibrations of light forces, which can meet the evil and drive this away. Wise women often collect this well.

6 All men, this know, who on earth differently, live yes further in a world beyond. And through the Green Land, therefore, the deceased may well be called to speak and tell through the mouth of one who is alive here on earth, and also to drive in his hand and write down many things. Manifold wisdom has already reached the people by such means; high knowledge, which has been brought from over there.

7 The divine Ishtar often spoke to me. I call her "Goddess" because the ancients did, although, certainly, a great angel of light she is, the first messenger between God and men, envoy and beloved of the Most High. She can take shape in the earthly world. I spoke to you about it, and others also saw her in the midst of all. She is the queen of light, from the kingdom of God; Ishtar the godly one, in whom this is still very special: She is the protector of our kind, the leader of our people. Her inclination is not the same for all. Her light is sent to us, quite wonderful. On the day of this recognition in the people of the people, the glorious victory rises to us; the final victory over the powers of darkness, the attainment of the millennial kingdom, which is promised to us by God the Lord and his messenger Ishtar.

Ishtar, Queen of Light, Protector, High Righteous One - You are with us!

Source: Thule Tempel + Templar Revelations

Roderich sayings source: Thule Tempel + Roderich sayings