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The Vril Society Flag

Vril Flag

Left: the dark or iron age. The age of lies and deception, the age of war, destruction and hunger.
Center: The V Lightning flash of Divine Intervention. When the RDs together with Jesus Christ save the world and free it from the dominion of Satan. Right: in purple or violet the new Golden Age of peace and freedom. In this age everyone will be truly free. Everyone will be able to think really free, everyone will know why they are here, and everyone will be able to really actualize themselves in the New Golden Age.



Before 1919, Karl Haushofer, a Gurdjeff disciple and Tibetan traveler, founded a second order, the 'Brothers of Light', in addition to the Thule Society, which was later renamed the VRIL Society. The VRIL Society also united the new Templar formation 'The Lords of the Black Stone' (DHVSS), which had emerged from the Germanic Order in 1917, and the 'Black Knights' of the Thule and SS elite 'Black Sun'.

To make a comparison with the Thule Society, the easiest way to grasp the difference would be to say that the Thule Society was dedicated to material and political things, and the VRIL Society was essentially afterlife-oriented. But there are still numerous points of contact between Vril and Thule Society, such as Atlantis, Thule, the Island of the Blessed Epos of Gilgamesh, the original connection between Germania and Mesopotamia, but also ancient sanctuaries such as the Externsteine, the Untersberg or Stronegg's local mountain. In December 1919, a small circle of Thule, DHVSS and Vril people met in a forester's lodge rented for this purpose in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden. Among them was, in addition to the medium Maria Orsic, another one known only as Sigrun. Maria had received medially transmissions in a secret Templar script - a language completely unknown to the medium - the telepathic messages came, according to the vril scriptures, from the solar system Aldebaran, which is located 68 light years away from us in the constellation of Taurus.


SS E-IV Flying disc development in the Third Reich

Enterprise Aldebaran P 129-130
Within the SS there was a group concerned with the production of alternative energy, the SS E-IV = Development department IV of the Black Sun, whose main concern was to make Germany independent of foreign crude oil. The SS-E-IV developed the 'Thule Triebwerk', later called the 'THULE Tachyonator', from the existing Vril engines and Captain Hans Coler's Tachyon converter.

In August 1939, the first round winged airplane RFZ5 took off. It was a medium-heavy armed flight gyro with the peculiar name "Haunebu I". It had a crew of 8 men, measured 25 meters in diameter, reached an initial speed of 4,800 km/h and later up to 17,000 km/h. It was equipped with two 6 cm KSK (power stream cannons) in turrets and four MK 106 and had a space capability of 60%.

By the end of 1942 the 'Haunebu II' was also constructed. The diameter varied between 26 and 32 meters and the height between 9 and 11 meters. It could carry a crew of between 9 and 20 people, was powered by a Thule Tachyonator and reached a speed of 6000km/h near Earth. It was also space-qualified and had a range of 55 flight hours.

At that time, plans already existed for the VRIL 7 large-capacity ship with a diameter of 120 meters. It was to transport entire crews. A short time later the Haunebu III, the absolute showpiece of all flying discs, was completed with a diameter of 71 meters. It was flown and also filmed. It could transport a crew of 32 men, had a range in flight duration of over 8 weeks and reached a speed of at least 7,000 km/h in the earth's atmosphere (according to documents of the SS secret archives up to 40,000 km/h).

Around Christmas 1943 there was an important meeting of the Vril Society in the North Sea resort of Kolberg. Also present were the media Maria and Sigrun. Main topic of this meeting was the 'Aldebaran Enterprise'. The media had received exact information about the inhabited planets and the sun Aldebaran and they started to work out a trip there. On January 2, 1944, a meeting took place between Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Künkel (Vril Society) and Professor Dr. Schumann, in which the Vril Project was discussed. They wanted to use the Vril 7 large spaceship, named "Odin", to travel to Aldebaran through a dimensional conduit independent of the speed of light. According to the documents of the "Black Sun", the first dimensional conduit test flight is said to have taken place in the winter of 1944. This flight is said to have been close to a disaster, because photos show the Vril-7 after this flight, on which it looked "as if it had been on the road for 100 years". The outer cell skin looked very old and was damaged in several places...


Maria Orschitsch (Orsic) and the Vril Ladies

Maria Orsic

"Maria Orschitsch (Orsic), the daughter of an official from Croatia and a Viennese woman. Miss Maria Orsic was born in Vienna on October 31, 1895. She joined the German National Movement, which was very strong at that time and whose goal was, among other things, the unification of Austria with the German Reich. In 1919 Maria moved to her boyfriend and later fiancé in Munich and, together with several other women, founded a circle dedicated to the struggle for Aryan culture. From 1922 on, this circle also dealt with completely different things, which were based on quasi-magical vibrational principles, but in fact reached into the technical realm.

After the foundation of the Vril Society or Society for Metaphysics, the media Maria and Sigrun received messages from the star system Aldebaran from the Zodiac Sign of Taurus. They received medially building instructions in an old Templar script. The Antriebstechnische Werkstätten rebuilt these devices and developed a whole series of flying discs between 1922 and 1945, from the Vril 1 fighter to the 120 meter wide flying disc Vril V7 Odin. In Jan van Helsing's book Unternehmen Aldebaran you can read the media messages of the Vril Odin flight to Aldebaran. They use a dimensional conduit to fly to Aldebaran, where they encounter a space cruiser of the Aldebaran Space Forces.

Maria Orsic disappeared from the face of the earth together with SS General Hans Kammler in March-April 1945, with the full intention of ensuring that a future Reich would emerge from technologies that had originally come from the Third Reich.

THe Vril Ladies

CHAPTER 14 What testimonies are available for the VRIL 'Odin' flight?

What testimonies are available for the VRIL 'Odin' flight? Again, it should be briefly mentioned that around Christmas 1943 an important meeting of the VRIL society in the North Sea resort Kolberg had taken place. It was about the 'Aldebaran Enterprise'. The Media Maria and Sigrun had exact information about the inhabited planets and the sun of Aldebaran and they started to to work out a trip there. Under what is known as the 'VRIL project', the company one wanted to use the "VRIL-Odin" with a light speed independent dimensional canal to Aldebaran. But before this could happen, another meeting of the highest VRIL-people took place, whereby also the German leadership was informed about it and the seriousness of the enterprise was shown once again.

We have the following presentation by Prof. Dr. Schumann (from the STM archive), which was presented at this meeting:

"Lecture on the secret of the star flight, Dear comrades and comrades, dear guests here today at the 23rd Wolfsberg Meeting, xxxxx I would like to thank you especially, dear xxxxx, for coming to us especially for this day, and you, dear Friend Dornberger, who for these hours has taken you all the way from northeast of the Reich to listen to what those who have to say about the star travel, these devices not to rise into the sky under the otto or explosion motor, but for some under an eerie silence. Now I have called the distance from Peenemünde to Wolfsberg a long way. The proportionality of the concept of distance has already been shown therein. Last year, our guest lecturer Dipl.-Ing. Brützel has described the edges of our own solar system as the highest of achievements in the today at the 23rd Wolfsberg Meeting, xxxxx I would like to thank you especially, dear xxxxx, for coming to us especially for this day, and you, dear Friend Dornberger, who for these hours has taken you all the way from northeast of the Reich to listen to what those who have to say about the star travel, these devices not to rise into the sky under the otto or explosion motor, but for some under an eerie silence. Now I have called the distance from Peenemünde to Wolfsberg a long way. The proportionality the concept of distance has already been defined therein shows. Last year, our guest lecturer Dipl.-Ing. Brützel has described the edges of our own solar system as the highest of our motives, what human reachability with regard to bridging distances one can imagine oneself. As possible, actually goals in space to be achieved within the next two decades he called the moon and perhaps also Mars. These are now in of the deed considerable distances, of which there was talk. But we are talking about distances of completely different dimensions. The Distances we speak of behave in relation to distance Moon-Mars about the same as the distance Peenemünde- Wolfsberg to this. We speak of other solar systems, yes possibly from other milky ways. Do we still stand on reasonable foundations? We are thus more than "clairvoyant", like friend Engel four years ago still said? Or does this make us the "spearhead of a new world generation? as friend Stegmaier said to the H U? We are, in our own judgment, servants of a divine Kraß, whose Gifts to use us mission and mission is. Because looking at the achievements of human technology, we find The greatest part of everything has the divine providence of things. A Example should suffice: Could there be a radio broadcast, without the divinely fused natural conditions? And so think we recognize it in everything: There is such a thing as 'divine Preliminary work' in everything, which makes up about 90%. Only those for use necessary, additional 10% is provided by man. Our basis of thinking is therefore the, after such "divine to keep a lookout for "advance services" in order to use them for humanity tangible. Thus we found and seized the powers of the VRIL!

In the ancient history of Aryan memory, such forces are already mentioned. For example in the Ramayana on the Vimana airplanes.

While working through ancient Babylonian scriptures, Delitzsch stumbled on further traces of such godly knowledge. The Wise Men of the old ones went the way, which we tried to go again are: The way of searching for points of contact to "divine Preliminary work". The silent, profound wisdom of the ancient Orient captured the attention of the in Germany. This was an event whose significance so far only a few fully recorded. In Germany the pure doer of Europe, who sees only the superficial, to the to the "Godly", like the ancients in Babel, Egypt and India were - and probably also our early Germanic peoples forefathers. The " Transcendental" found a new home in German countries. This happened in the first half of the thirteenth century at the Untersberg with the appearance of the Isais, that strange divine being, to whom so much to thank is. The tips of the mind have understood this, the xxxxx is familiar with it. Its recognition thus means also paves the way to the flight to the stars. This brings us now to the center of this consideration: The secret of star flight. The flight of the stars, the true one, reaching into the far distance, the laws of nature seem to oppose. In particular, the limit the speed of light and at the same time limit the flight of the stars. But we say: There is no such limitation! There are no limitation of movement speed! Much is faster than the light! Because it is not only the "physical world but also, and much more significantly, the "spiritual! Already in the Vedas of the ancients have the solution: "The fastest of all Flying is the thought!" Here we come to a foundation of the new, German science. We push the boundaries and free the mind from the confinement.

We overcome the xxxxxxx shackles of limitation, which does not exist in the truth. For too long we have been caught up in the laws of nature of limitation chained. It comes from the xxxxxxx religion, which has no afterlife but is rather quite related to this world, that all conclusions were only physical on this side. The laws of nature on this side have been declared the sole ones. But there is an afterlife! And consequently there are natural laws of the hereafter that are above those of this world!

If we understand this view of everything, it must become clear that we are dealing with a large this-side-beyond overall structure in which the laws of nature on this side and on the other side come together, nested and interwoven. But who can recognizes natural laws of the hereafter, knows the big picture! Our modern rockets achieve astonishing things. But fortune it is not possible to leave the vibrational networks of this world. Therefore, their range of distance is limited. The secret of the distant star flight lies in leaving the earthly vibration nets and in the change of the missile into otherworldly vibration networks! With the change into the hereafter our flying machine is not subject more to the laws of nature on this earth, but to the laws of nature Beyond! But there is another time there! There the fastest thing that flies is by no means light, but thought! The spirit! Is that now, as some may think, occultism? Not at all! The hereafter exists just as really and truly as the This side. It is even the larger, stronger level, in which our universe is to be seen as a relatively small entity. The flight through the hereafter, the flight through the "intercosmos," as Rudolf von Sebottendorff called it, is a strictly scientific technology, like the rockets or any other.

It follows no less exact laws, except that these laws are governed by because they contain physical and spiritual laws that connect. Everything is based on vibrations. Just like, to use an already used Example to reuse the radio waves. The variable capacitor determines the wavelength and thus the transmitter. The transformation of one frequency to the other causes the change. In Higher up it is not much different, basically seen. There are worldly and otherworldly vibrational networks and planes of vibration. If it is possible to evoke a certain oscillation, then the magnetism of the law of affinity (law of resonance, A.d.V.). In the uppermost stage a complete transformation takes place: the transmutation! And this is the technical background of our VRIL devices. On this side they rise into the air and beyond that they leave the direct earth influence area. Then the transmutation begins. The VRIL airplane ceases to be a worldly body. It also disappears for the eye looking outside the VRIL aircraft. The VRIL Aircraft becomes an intercosmic space ship. It has temporarily nothing more to do with the sphere of this world and rushes through enormous distances in the shortest time, in order to transmute back into the universe of this world at the destination! In this way our VRIL 7 (named 'Odin', A.d.V.) will reach the solar system of Aldebaran. And I have no doubt that later German space VRIL ships will be able to reach Andromeda and the most remote areas of space. It is clear to us that this technique probably cannot be immediately described as weapons-grade. It is a technique for possible battles in space. May there never be such! The value of VRIL technology is still low for acute frontal applications today. But even there, there may still be some things that need to be shown.

What can distant star flights bring us? We still don’t really know it.not. The union and alliance with cultures of other worlds. If the transmedial connections are not deceptive, there is a related culture in the system of the sun Aldebaran. Perhaps support will come from there, a compensation against the numerical superiority of the enemy on Earth. Now this sounds like something out of a utopian novel, but it has a very tangible background. The transmediale activity was the beginning of VRIL's work and the key to the successes that have taken place so far. From the Untersberg revelation texts of the thirteenth century it was clear how to proceed. But this is not the time to talk about this in detail. The coming period, already the next months, should confirm in an impressive way what the VRIL technology can achieve in its various possibilities.

The secret of the star flight lies therefore in the recognition of the interweaving of this world and the next, in the grasping of the different, but mutually resonating laws of God and nature on this side and the other. We are close to the dawn of a completely new age, in which a new spirit will prevail. It is our spirit, the spirit of the new age.


Photo of the Vril Odin in flight

The source of this picture is the book "Unternehmen Aldebaran" written by Jan Udo Holey. This photo was taken in April 1945.

Vril Odin

Vril V7 Odin animation to Aldebaran in 1945

The animation was produced with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop.


CHAPTER 15 Transmedial Protocols from Mr. X.

The transmedia protocols of his time are certainly among the most unusual texts ever written. "Transmedial" (or also "hypertelepathic"?) received messages from a distant world, far beyond our solar system: Aldebaran (according to the latest scientific findings, this could not be completely ruled out) They report in partly astonishing accuracy about the history of this distant world, about its society and religion, even about small things. Only small fragments of these writings have been preserved. Unfortunately, many passages have become illegible over the decades, as the protocols date from the period between 1919 and 1949. Much of this period was lost or destroyed in the turmoil of war. The transmedia announcements are only a few fragments that remain. Now some information about Aldebaran, as it was passed on through transmedial contact: "The empire of Sumeran (according to earthly star map 'Aldebaran') has been a theocracy for a long time. Today's state system is under the rule of priestesses, but is not as firmly formed as the Irish states. There are semi-free principalities. The preceding, very long granted period is called the "time of the Great Kings". At that time there were emperors who strove for a kind of universal empire and who were able to establish it to a large extent. This empire was - after the transfer of power by a very religious Great King to the priestesses - largely abandoned. This was followed by the "dynasty of priestesses", an epoch of "isolationism", which still continues to exist. Before the "time of the Great King", there were different peoples on the main planet "Sumer", who also waged war among themselves. In the last of these wars, King Derger of Ogre Tdan defeated all other peoples and had them rigorously transported to the neighboring planet "An". Since then there is only one unified people on Sumer. King Derger became the first Great King. Today (about 1943 of the earth time) Aldebaran is at war with two other worlds "Nanut" (probably Regulus) and "Godonos" (probably Kapella). This war has lasted for a very long time, because the "Priest Empresses" considered it sufficient to keep the enemies at a distance. Only recently has this view changed and the war has been waged and ended with full commitment". Allegedly two German space companies from the time of the Third Reich are said to have launched in the second half of April 1945. One of them is said to have been the 71m large spaceship Haunebu III 'Thor' to Mars. The other is the 45m large spaceship 'Odin' to Aldebaran. About the flight to Aldebaran through the dimensional canal a few excerpts from the transmedial protocols of the VRIL society are to be reproduced: Transmedial fragments of VRIL-'Odin'. The following texts can be described as the most important and best preserved transmedial broadcasts of VRIL-'Odin'. They are all fragments which, taken together, certainly represent only a small part of what was originally present.

Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. l
The arrangement is not certain and certainly large passages are missing in many places. Nevertheless, the numbering was done to simplify the further work with the texts. Such numbering is not indicated on the templates. The texts have been translated largely literally - without regard to stylistic aspects. They were certainly formulated by different people and were essentially transmitted in this way by the media. Odin' has left Mother Earth. A sudden feeling of indescribable loss has taken possession of the entire crew, as if at the same time. Little is spoken. The earth does not look like a school globe from the outside, but blue, light blue and white. The clouds are clearly visible and also parts of the land, in strangely familiar outlines. But we fly so fast that the earth soon looks like a ball that is getting smaller and smaller. Circumnavigation of the earth in deep flight is not done, in order not to intensify emotions. Passed the moon relatively close, about 12,000 kilometers. It seems cold. The crew is quiet and thoughtful. It is noticeable that nobody believes in ever stepping on Earth again. Unexpected emotions. Nevertheless, everyone is properly at his post. Home (radio) transmission-reception turned off, that still works well. The crew must be distracted from the retrospective thoughts. XXX gave a good speech. He succeeded in bringing the courageous momentum back into the crew. Earth-Moon now already very far away. Fainthearted sentimentality shaken off. We are approaching the point of entry (into the dimension channel). XXX has made transmed connection to Aldebaran. Crew is hopeful again. Technically everything is smooth.

Transmedial transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 2
Odin' flies without any problems. In seven and a half hours entry (to the Dimensional Canal). Meteor swarms ahead (asteroids?). Manned guns for safety reasons. Flying towards "meteor swarm". Avoidance possible, but risky because of computer circuitry for the entry (into the dimension channel). The risk would be very high not to find the entry point again and thus to lose the meeting point with the Aldebarans irretrievably. Therefore fire command on larger meteors. Relief, because they can be shot down easily. The "hail of space", which we now have to fly through, can be withstood by 'Odin'. But still unpleasant. Several smaller damages: Gunnery Berta immovable, Alpha antenna failed, numerous cracks in the bulletproof glass outer layers, lots of dents and dents in the cell body. But nothing serious. The crew was shaken. Interior various minor damages. Maintain course. Computer circuit works perfectly. Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 4
Transmediale transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 5
Entry (into the dimension channel) was very easy. Short feeling like a kind of breath of anaesthesia for all crew members. But only a few moments. Transformation goes much too fast to understand it properly... (approx. 12 lines illegible) greenish shimmer everywhere (...)

In the canal quiet flight. Sometimes we pass lighter or darker places. Not knowing if they mean anything. XXX a strange bubble floated by, like a smelly greenish soap bubble. But quite far away.

176 Transmedial transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 6
Everywhere green-yellowish light spirals, in the middle almost orange. Size and distance difficult to tell. Possibly several kilometers total diameter of the spiral, which rotates very slowly. Maybe the structure causes a suction when you come closer. Thinking about whether the spiral structure might unintentionally pull objects flying outside into the channel? The channel is not a tube, just in one direction, it is basically everywhere.

Transmedial transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 7
XX in the channel (dimension channel). Flight runs smoothly. Crew got used to the green over cosmos. Due to the cloud and fog-like veils that are common here, strong sensation of speed. Then again only the light of some green sun. Again and again floating objects that look like huge green rocks. Whole floating islands. On some of them you can see buildings, we imagine. It is the hereafter, or at least a kind of borderland between this world and the next. Technically no difficulties. Morally good. None (......)

Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 11
XXX started. Strange reddish and bluish swaths blend into the green ones. Nausea in several crew members. Some "trans girls" complain of headaches. It will pass soon. It predominates green again and then becomes completely green again. XXX means, disturbing vibration in bell possible.... Noises for the first time. Something like digging at the cell skin. But nothing to see. Then we recognize flickering clouds of dust. We fly through without any difficulties. 177 Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 12

Transmedial transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 13
XXX something has crossed our path. Not a rocket, but something elongated that was perhaps just a natural structure. Is there such a thing as channel crosses/paths ?? (....) The disturbing light-like pink and blue is gone now. XXX complains of headaches again. There is something in the way. Looks like a huge honeycomb, but different. Fire opened. Holes shot into the thing, but it stays. Shot further, held on the center. The structure seems to be elastic. We can try to punch through. Goes without effort. The thing stays behind us. Very strange. XXX on the right side, then also on the left side very bright light spots. Light green. Looks like holes in the canal. But happened without any difficulties.

Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 14
Since X/XX/XXX sometimes green shining "Flying Stars" come into view. Quite far, distance not estimable. Certainly not other space ships, but natural phenomena. Maybe something like comets buzzing through the "Ka- nal" at this point. For crew a change, because there is something to see.

Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 15
XXX something like gusts of wind have arisen. Odin' gets into rocking movements. Very funny. By counteracting it, it is kept halfway in position. Strange feeling. Like swell. But no cause recognizable.

Approaching large bright spot, which has no particular shape. Bright yellow-green glow. From there the gusts seem to come. We have to pass close to it. Brightness increases. Some crew members get ringing in their ears, others don't notice anything. The big bright spot now looks like a huge jellyfish of yellowish green light. Apparently pure light. Maybe about 100 kilometers in size. Difficult to estimate. As we approach, it has suddenly disappeared. Or it is no longer perceptible at close range. Then reappears behind us as we pass. Flight again completely calm. The bright structure of light now on the other side. As if our flight path is crossed. Stay back.

Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 16
....Full silence, the green stars now seem very far away. As if we had taken a leap. Canal space seems darker than before. Stars - but just greenish shining. Space of deep dark green. Impression of boundlessness. In front again brightness. Of course green and greenish here. A concentration of brightness. Flying towards it. Flying into the concentration of brightness. Again typical "channel feeling". Vaporous veils pass by. Wisps sometimes condense and are sometimes almost completely gone...

Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 18
(....) no change. Eerie feeling. It must have been imagination. The swaths here look different. The strange feeling is still there. Sometimes different colored cloud shreds come. But only inside they look different, because they penetrate somehow. Outside are only green ... XXX fly past something that looks almost like a wreck. It has the shape of an elongated egg with irregular holes, through which you can see something almost like frames.

179 Transmedial transmission of VRIL- Odin No. 19 Transmedial transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 20 Transmedial transmission of VRIL-'Odin' No. 21 XXX Silence occurred. We fly again through the already familiar green swaths. Sometimes lights, like stars. Now we slowly approach the exit point. Hope everything goes well. No noticeable disturbances. Exit (from the dimension channel) successful. XXX tries to connect to Aldebaran. Technically not possible due to failure of the alpha antenna. Our old universe again. Lots of foreign constellations - of course. Maintaining the agreed course. Nobody is afraid. The darkness here is unusual. To see stars, but no sun close enough to give light. We see nothing but distant stars. Not even from the edge of our plate. Very remarkable. Everything dark like in a bear's belly. The sun Aldebaran Sumi is still relatively far away. We will fly the rest of the way together with the Aldebarans expected at this position. Hopefully they will come soon. We are slightly too early, but they will probably discover us. Transmedial transmission from VRIL-'Odin' No. 22
The Aldebaran space cruisers are rapidly approaching. Impressive devices. Certainly over 1,000 meters long. They are gigantic, but strangely enough they do not look as strange as we had imagined. Reminiscent of our V2, although they have no rocket engines, and of course they look different. What seems almost human and cozy up close are the illuminated rows of windows. This has a direct promise of cosiness.

Somehow like a heated house in a winter night - if one may become poetic. The crew is in a very good mood. The former submarine people on board compare the moment with a meeting on the high seas, and that's what it is like ( line destroyed). We are taken in the middle by the two Aldebarans. Their space cruisers are painted dove blue, light blue and purple. A kind of half decoration and half camouflage paint. The Aldebaran emblems are black and silver.

The flagship turns the broadside to us. A large hatch is opened in the rear third of the hull. We steer straight into it. Strangely enough, the great excitement of meeting people from another star world for the first time is not there at all. We have the feeling that we already know each other. Fr. XXX has a connection to an Aldebaran woman on board the flagship. Everything goes incredibly smooth and easy.