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The Imperial Germans are the Germans that left Germany at the end of the war in 1945. These people fled a war of annihilation against their people. The target of the Zionist cartels that controlled both the United States and the Soviet Union, was the total annihilation of the German people. A good but horrific documentary portraying this genocide of the German people is Hellstorm.

Website: Hellstorm Official Website

The Zionists wanted to eradicate Germany or the Third Reich because it made itself free of global financial control. Hitler and his people did not want to be exploited like they were exploited during the Weimar Republic. It is a fact that Zionist Jews orchestrated World War 2 and World War 1. They could not tolerate anyone to be independent and free. The Zionist Jews feared that the system Hitler had created: an interest free monetary system without the use of interests or the compounded interest function. He promoted class cooperation instead of class competition and struggle. The National Socialists in the Third Reich got everybody back to work within 2 years. Whereas the rest of the world was still in a severe depression, there was a worker shortage in Germany. The Third Reich boomed economically. The Rothschild Family could no longer exploit Germany as it was doing with all other Zionist Occupied Governments around the world. This is why in 1933 International Jewry declared war against Germany. The Zionists Jews would never tolerate a system where they are not in control.

So from day one the war against Germany or the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler was planned and executed. The International Jewish Bankers under leadership of the Rothschild’s planned and conspired to provoke the Third Reich into a war. They secretly armed Stalin with all the latest weapons and supplied him with raw materials. Stalin was secretly preparing to conquer all of Europe. Viktor Suvorov depicts this incredible preparations in his books. Adolf Hitler never wanted war. This war was orchestrated by international Zionist Jews that wanted to destroy Germany and its people for wanting to be free.

So the plan was set in motion. In 1939 the Poles in Poland were incited to wage murder and genocide against the German minorities in Poland by the Jewish controlled press in Poland. The media justified these atrocities by inciting hatred against the Germans in Poland. This culminated in the Bromberg Massacre in September 3rd 1939. The Germans were provoked to liberate their people in Poland from Polish Death Squads. After this intervention Rothschild controlled France and Rothschild controlled England declared war on the Third Reich for invading Poland.

So the Second World War began that would result in the genocide of the German and Japanese People. The United States together with its allies and the Soviet Union mass murdered up 17 Million Germans in the worst horrible manner. During the saturation bombing of all German cities with incendiary bombs millions of German men, women and children died by burning. In Berlin alone over one million people were burned alive. In Dresden over 700'000 people died by burning. The same they did to the Japanese Cities. All 67 Japanese cities were totally obliterated during World War 2. Where after two captured German nuclear bombs were used against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A good documentary portraying this truth is the “Fog of War Documentary by Robert McNamara”.

After the firebombing of Germany and Japan with over 90'000 US made bombers.

Over 14 million Germans were pushed out of their homes and told to flee. Millions of Germans perished during this mass expulsion of people. Millions of German girls and women were brutally raped and murdered. The Red Hordes of mostly Mongolian background tortured and raped everything that they could get their hands on. This was a brutal war of genocide against the German and Japanese people. If you want a good revisionist website where to start your own research I suggest you visit “Vrij Historish Onderzoek” ~ Free Historical Research.

Nevertheless the German High command made contingency plans for the war’s loss. Hitler had planned far ahead and expected eventually to lose Germany to the Zionist controlled Allies and Soviet Hordes. He knew that the Zionist Jews would never give up on destroying him and his people. Therefore he planned with his closest associates the exodus of chosen German people to South America and Antarctica. Adolf Hitler believed that the Earth was hollow. The German submarine U 209 commanded by Henrich Brodda made it to the Inner Earth. A good book on the subject is Hitler's flying saucers written by Henry Stevens.

Adolf Hitler secretly created a colony with his U Boat fleet, flight gyros (Haunebu 1, 2 3, and Vril Fighters) and Andromeda Devices (Long Range Carrier Spaceship). And resettled assumable up to 200'000 German citizens in the Inner Earthen colony of New Swabia. The Inner Earth Races allowed the Imperial Germans to found a colony in the Inner Earth. There are Hollow Earth maps of the Third Reich that portray the entire Inner Earth of Agharta.

The Imperial Germans have been watching over us since the end of World War 2. The Zionist Occupied Governments orchestrated war after war, revolution after revolution worldwide to install their One World Order. The Imperial Germans have since grown in size and its capital city, New Berlin, has now up to 3.5 million inhabitants.

The Imperial Germans have been in contact with the Aldebaranic Aryans from the Taurus Constellation and are a Type 1 Stellar Civilization in our Solar System. They have bases on the Moon and Mars and are travelling the cosmos as we speak. The Imperial Germans will help liberate the world on Judgment Day. It is the webmaster’s belief that Judgment Day will take place during the Zionist Orchestrated World War 3.