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Estimated civilian death toll of Japan during World War 2

Japanese Battle Flag

We will analyse the demographics of Imperial Japan on Wikipedia to come to an estimated death toll of the Japanese civilians during World War 2. Robert McNamara, who was captain in the US Airforce in 1943, confesses in this documentary and states that they killed 50% to 90% of the Japanese population by firebombing and conventional bombs of all 67 Japanese cities. Because Japanese housing culture focuses on light burnable material the fire bombings caused much suffering and destruction in Japan. This was a brutal war of genocide against the Japanese people. The Japanese got the messages of the Third Reich high command that the Allies were destroying all of Germany and that this too would be the faith of Japan. The Japanese knew that they too were targeted for extermination. That is why the Japanese fought the bitter end even sacrificing their lives in Kamikaze attacks. Only after the targeted nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that Japan capitulated to the Allies. According to revisionists the death toll of the Third Reich during and after the war is estimated at 17 million Germans. We will use this as a reference.
The Interview of Robert McNamara can seen here: The Fog of War Documentary

Table of Demographics of Imperial Japan

Date Population % Change Area (km2) Density(km2) %Urban
1920-10-01 55,963,053 NA 381,808.04 147 18.0
1925-10-01 59,736,822 6.7 381,810.06 156 21.6
1930-10-01 64,450,005 7.9 382,264.91 169 24.0
1935-10-01 69,254,148 7.5 382,545.42 181 32.7
1940-10-01 73,114,308 5.6 382,545.42 191 37.7
1945-11-01 71,998,104 -0.7 377,298.15 195 22.8

Source: Demographics of Imperial Japan + Wikipedia

We will use the population of the count of 1940 to assess how many Japanese men, women and children died during the saturation bombing of all Japanese cities during World War 2. Wikipedia states that only around 1 Million people died because of the war. From experience we know that the Zionist Allies and Zionist Soviet Union covered up their war crimes against Humanity. The Zionist Jews keep lying on the greatest war crimes that happened and keep parroting their lies through the Zionist controlled press. Revisionist historians have estimated the German death toll during and after the war at 17 million. The webmaster’s estimate will also be an estimate based on computations of demographics and historical data. And the available data of the Fog of War documentary. The fog of war documentary states that around 50% to 90% of the people of 67 Japanese cities died by burning.

Let us assume that 80% of urban population lived in the 67 Japanese cities at the time of the bombing of Japan. Robert McNamara states in the documentary that they killed hundreds of thousands of people every night. This was a brutal war of genocide against the Japanese people.

Population of Japan 1940 Living in cities in 1940 80% in 67 Japanese cities 50% death toll 90% death toll
73,114,208 27,564,094 22,051,275 11,025,638 19,846,148

So the minimum number of casualties in this computation is 11 million, and the maximum is around 20 million civilian deaths in Japan during World War 2. Around 15 million Japanese civilians died during World War 2. This is not covered by the statistical bureau because it is the victors that write history and always show us that the so called “good” guys won World War 2. They lied to us about the Third Reich. They lie to us about virtually everything on World War 2. Adolf Hitler never wanted war, it was forced upon him by the International Zionist Banksters under leadership of the Rothschilds.


Imperial Germans Exodus World War 2: Table of transport capacity

Transport capacity in persons number of pieces available Transport capacity Velocity
Haunebu I 20 2 40 4800
Haunebu II 20 7 140 6000
Haunebu III 70 1 70 7000
Andromeda Device 100 1 100 7000
U Boats 5 10 50 23
Number of hours for round trip Number of days Number of roundtrips per year - 15% maintenance Number of passengers transported per year Materials transported 45% People minus materials
Haunebu I 8 0,35 894 35741 16083 19657
Haunebu II 7 0,28 1117 156366 70365 86001
Haunebu III 6 0,24 1303 91214 41046 50167
Andromeda Device 6 0,24 1303 130305 58637 71668
U Boats 2000 83 4 214 96 118
Total 416839 186228 227612

Distance to the Inner Earth New Swabia and Germany is around 20'000 km.

The Imperial Germans with what they had available in 1944 could have transported around 200’000 persons and materials to the Inner Earthen Colony of New Swabia in one year. If we assume an annual growth rate of 7% per year. The doubling time of the population is 70/7 = 10 years.

Year Population
1945 200'000
1955 400'000
1965 800'000
1975 1'600'000
1985 3'200'000
1995 6'400'000
2005 12'800'000
2015 25'600'000

So New Berlin could have a population of 3.5 million inhabitants. If we take an annual growth rate of 7% then today's Imperial German population would be around 25 million.