The Imperial Germans


Updated on the 23th September 2023


Alex talks about the Prophecy of Theodor Beykirch

In this video I talk about the prophecy of Theodor Beykirch. He has made only one prophecy about the war year! According to the seers and prophets the global turning would take place during the Third World War!


Alex on the Siener van Rensburg and World War 3

Nikolaas van Rensburg predicted the first, second and Third World War. According to his views the White South Afrikaner boers would get help from Imperial Germans during the last war of liberation at the End of Times. The Imperial Germans would give the boers weapons to be able to defend themselves against the indians and blacks that have been incited to wage a war of genocide against the whites.

You can download the book "Voice of a Prophet" here: The Voice of a Prophet + Nikolaas van Rensburg


Alex talks on the Isais Revelations

In this video, I read through some passages of the Isais Revelations. The Isais Revelations reveals to us about the past, present and future. Isais says that in the end the light side will be victorious! We just have to hang in there and keep fighting!

You can read the entire Isais' Revelation here: The Isais Revelation


Alex on Remote Viewing and the Killshot

I believe that Ed Dames and his team saw this super natural phenomenon, either it was the cloud that engulfed the entire Earth like many seers haven seen or it was the shift in frequency where we rise upwards into the next dimension. Either way, he also saw a cataclysmic event in the our possible future. I believe he saw the purification where all those that are chosen to stay on Earth will stay on Earth and all others pass to the other world. I believe everyone will be judged according to what he or she has done.


Alex on Thule Tempel and the Global Turning RM (German)

In this video I talk about the prophesied global turning, which according to many seers and prophets will take place during the Third World War. I read the possible global turning from Thule Temple and give my own opinion about it.

More to the global turning or change here: The global turning according to Thule Tempel


Alex on the High Priestess Sajaha RM (German)

Sajaha was the high priestess of Ezagila, the temple district of Babylon at the time of Nebuchadnezzar the Second. She was also the king's personal advisor. She made significant prophecies about the coming new Babylon in the land of the Midnight Mountain (the Untersberg). She speaks about the coming of the Third Sargon (Jesus Christ according to the Bible). Her prophecies are very clear, and describe our present in detail.

You can read the entire prophecy of the High Priestess Sajaha here: The High Priestess Sajaha


Alex on John of Jerusalem RM (German)

John of Jerusalem or Jehan de Vezelay was a French Knight Templar of the 12th century. (ca 1042 - 1119) He made prophecies for the beginning of the 21st century and the end of the millennium, so for the beginning of the year 3000. I believe the Day of Judgment will manifest during the Third World War. With the arrival of Jesus Christ or the Third Sargon. After that, the Kingdom of Heaven of God will be built on Earth! For the Golden Age!

You can read the whole prophecy of John of Jerusalem here: John of Jerusalem


Alex on prophecies about the future of Europe RM (German)

In this video I discuss some prophecies about the future of Europe. I read parts of the books by Stefan Berndt, Sven Loerzer and Karl L. von Lichtenfels. According to many prophecies there will be civil war in several European countries. And after many seers it will come to a Third World War. During the Third World War apparently the global turning or change will take place and Jesus Christ will show up.


Alex about the last prophecy of Peter Deunov (German)

Petar Konstantinov Danov (Bulgarian Петър Константинов Дънов; b. July 11, 1864 in Hadarsha, now Nikolaevka near Varna in Bulgaria; † December 27, 1944 in Sofia) was a Bulgarian spiritual teacher under the name Beinsa Duno and founder of the occult-religious community Universal White Brotherhood.

He made a final prophecy before he died about the coming Golden Age of peace and brotherhood.


Alex about the Templar Revelations (German)

In this video I talk about the Templar revelations from The goddess Ishtar appeared to the Knights Templar Roderich and Emmerant in 1236 in Carthage and told the two knights to travel to Germany to found the new city of Berlin. This city would play a very important role in the coming change. Hitler had Tempelhof expanded at that time because he also knew about the Templar Revelations. The coming kingdom of heaven on Earth will be built in Germany, after the Day of Judgment and after the short but fierce Third World War. Germany will survive this dark chapter in history and after that Germany will become an Kaiserreich again.

You can read the entire Templar revelations here: The Templars Revelations


Alex about the Roderich Reports (German)

In this video I read the Roderich Reports. The goddess Ishtar appeared to the Knights Templar Roderich and Emmerant in 1236 in Carthage. She conveyed a message from God that the knights should found a new city in Germany. This city was Berlin. The new kingdom of light will be founded in Germany, after the global turning or change and the Day of Judgment. The Roderich reports contain a lot of useful information on how to behave in the End Times.