The Imperial Germans


The child trade

Updated on 26th of September 2023


Alex talks on the child trade

I this video talk about the global child trafficking. Every year over 8 million children go missing. Not all children are victims of child trafficking but many are. (More than 2 million are victims of sex trafficking pedophiles) These children are sexually abused, tortured and at the end of their "career" simply executed in sex games of the satanic pedophiles. They are also abused for satanic rituals where they are sacrificed to evil spirits. Millions of children disappear annually worldwide, and the corrupt police do nothing! I know only of the Third Reich where child trade was really punished with the death penalty. The statistics are very difficult to get, but at that time and in the occupied territories the trafficking of children and girls was reduced to zero. Today the political elite and zionist elite are the drivers of this horrible crimes. One day during the global turning and the Day of Judgment all these monsters will suffer the Second Death.


Alex talks about child sacrifice and cannibalism

In this video I discuss the issues of child sacrifice and cannibalism. Over 8 million children disappear every year worldwide, and many are trafficked. These children are sexually abused, tortured and in the end eaten by the Satanic Elites. They believe that this will give them more life force. They see themselves as "enlightened" and believe that it is "normal" to eat other people.


Alex and Rita talk about MK Ultra and Cathy O'Brien

In this video I talk with my mother Rita about the book „Trance- formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien. It is simply shocking to know that many high ranking politicians are initiated Satanists and pedophiles. What Cathy describes is not something you would want to do to your worst enemies! As Cathy keeps saying, it's all about spiritual enlightenment. If we know what is really happening to our women and children, then we can do something about it! I pray for the women and children who are sold into the sex trade and abused!


Alex on child sex slavery RM

Over 8 million children disappear every year worldwide according to a official UN report of 2010. Over 2 million children are victims of child sexual exploitation. According to the Bible all these men and women that do such horrible crimes against children, will suffer the second death.

This video is dedicated to the millions of children that disappear every year worldwide! You are not forgotten!

This video is also dedicated to Landon Starbuck, for her incredible fight against child sexual slavery. Thank you Landon and keep fighting! For the truth will be victorious at the end!



Alex and Rita talk about pedophilia (German)

In this video I talk with my mother, Rita about pedophilia in Europe and in Aruba. My mother has cared for and treated victims of child abuse in several instances as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The Pedo Elite protects the perpetrators and prevents legal action against these pedophiles.


Alex interviews his mother: Rita Zecher (German)

Die Fliege bei Rita Zecher

Rita, 65, a qualified child and adolescent psychiatrist and naturopath, looks back with humor and merciless honesty on an eventful life in various countries and continents with her adult children from two failed marriages. The occasion is the sudden arrival of her 90-year-old mother, daughter of Edith Kiel, a film producer who once became famous in Belgium. The mother-daughter relationship turns out to be difficult, political opinions collide, a long overdue confrontation between good and evil develops with numerous analogies and reflections in the animal world. A gripping family drama and contemporary document that should give strength to all those who go through similar things, not to give up in this turbulent world.

You can buy my mother's book, Rita Zecher, here:
Die Fliege by Rita Zecher

In this video I interview my mother about her life and career, at the same time I discuss her book "The Fly". My mother has already written several published and non-published books, among others: The Ghost Train (English, Odyssey of Love, Muur van Hartstocht (NL)), Boa, Aruba in de Wurgreep (Boa Aruba, in the Stranglehold) and The Business of Fear.